Yellow Kite acquires Hudson brothers' Swim Wild

Yellow Kite acquires Hudson brothers' Swim Wild

Yellow Kite is publishing Swim Wild by Yorkshire-born brothers Jack, Calum and Robbie Hudson, known for their ambitious open water swimming.

In the book, readers will learn about their various expeditions, from tackling the 145km River Eden to setting the world record for swimming in the Arctic, that have been covered by the BBC, ITV and the Guardian.

It will take them through their preparations, including sourcing wild spots in the heart of sprawling cities in which to train; document the challenges they encounter and the successes often achieved in the most unexpected ways; and give tips for those wanting to take on their own aquatic foray, whether a beginner or a seasoned swimmer, for physical and mental well-being. The book is for people of all ages and publishes in April 2018.

Senior commissioning editor Tamsin English, who acquired UK and Commonwealth rights from Richard Pike at C+W, commented: "We are so pleased at Yellow Kite to introduce Jack, Calum and Robbie to a new generation of nature readers. Their expertise and sense of adventure make them fantastic advocates for the curative benefits of plunging into the sea, lake or river."

The Hudson brother added in a joint statement: "Wild swimming defies the drab limits of urban life. We hope that this book gets you out of warm, chlorinated pools and encourages you to live more creatively."