Wylie: 'idiocy' of Amazon Publishing

Wylie: 'idiocy' of Amazon Publishing

Literary agent Andrew Wylie has ridiculed Amazon Publishing, saying its programme "stands out for its idiocy."

Wylie gave his views to German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, in a piece about Amazon's recently announced plans to expand its publishing in Germany with the launch of a new German-language programme.

The retailer said its team would acquire German-language fiction for publication in Kindle, with print editions also available on Amazon. But Wylie called Amazon Publishing a “publishing program that stands out for its idiocy”, saying that “nothing Amazon publishes is worth reading”, The Literary Saloon reports.

The agent has previously criticised Amazon, comparing it to conqueror Napoleon and saying the retailer shows “megalomania”.

The agent once partnered with Amazon to launch publishing initiative Odyssey Editions which went on to spark a row between his agency and Random House.

In an interview with New Republic last year, Wylie said he “might” publish with Amazon “if one of my children were kidnapped and they were threatening to throw a child off a bridge and I believed them”.