Writers and Artists Yearbook launches social networking

<p><em>The Writers and Artists Yearbook </em>has re-launched its website this week with the addition of a social networking service.<br /><br />The redesign will allow users to create a public profile that will enable them to promote themselves and be contacted by interested parties using the site. Additionally the site now provides free searches of the <em>Yearbook </em>listings for people happy to supply their contact details.<br /><br />The website will also include an increased amount of content including articles from the title, regular blog posts from the <em>Yearbook</em>&rsquo;s team of experts as well as author and artist guest bloggers. There will also be tips for users on topics such as how to deal with rejection letters, and find a literary agent.<br /><br />Jill Coleman, managing director at publisher A &amp; C Black told econsultancy.com that the revamped site &quot;will drive visits, engagement and enhance user experience on the site&quot;.<br /><br />The new website was designed by Lateral, part of Tangent Communications.</p>