Wooden Books offers free 20 minute access

<p>Arts publisher Wooden Books is putting its entire front and backlist online from 1st February, enabling users to have free access to titles for up to 20 minutes each day. </p><p>Once the reader reaches the 20 minute time limit, they will then be offered the opportunity to buy either the print or e-book edition online. Individual page content of the books will also be available via web search engines, including Google. The website - www.woodenbooks.com - goes live on 1st February. It was developed by e-commerce specialist Ergonet. </p><p>John Martineau, founder and publisher of Wooden Books, said: &quot;As web technology and online retailing become more advanced, it&#39;s getting increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd, so many small publishers like ourselves are finding innovative ways to attract new customers and to increase web traffic. </p><p>&quot;We hope that by offering visitors to our website the opportunity to browse all our books for free, just like in a bookshop, it will encourage them to come back again and again. </p><p>&quot;Amazon currently offer a basic &#39;Search Inside&#39; option but it only allows customers to browse a few sample pages or the first chapter of a book. What we are doing is much more radical and, we believe, a fresh approach to online merchandising.&quot;&nbsp; <br />Martineau said he was excited about the potential of attracting more visitors to the website, although admitted &quot;we don&#39;t really know what the response will be&quot;. He added: &quot;These are uncertain times for the entire industry. But one thing is very clear: standing still is not an option. New ideas and a spot of risk-taking are key to survival.&quot; <br /></p>