W&N signs five-figure deal with Gaarder

<p>Weidenfeld &amp; Nicolson has signed a five-figure deal with <em>Sophie&rsquo;s World</em> author Jostein Gaarder for his first adult novel in five years.</p><p>Kirsty Dunseath, publishing director at W&amp;N, acquired world English-language rights to <em>The Castle in the Pyrenees</em> from Eva Christine Kuloy at the Aschehoug agency.</p><p>It will be published as one of the Orion imprint&rsquo;s lead titles in hardback next August. Editorial director Arzu Tahsin, who will be editing the book, said: &ldquo;It&rsquo;s a very exciting novel, although we don&rsquo;t have the full translation yet, you can tell it has the same accessible voice and contemporary philosophical tone.&rdquo;</p><p>As with some of Gaarder&rsquo;s other novels, <em>The Castle in the Pyrenees</em> considers the tension between the scientific and &ldquo;some invisible force&rdquo; in human lives.</p><p>The novel tells the story of a couple who, after five years in an intense and happy relationship during the 1970s, separate for reasons that are &ldquo;unclear to both&rdquo;. Meeting again in 2007, they begin to email each other and soon discover they both have very different interpretations of their shared past.</p><p>Tahsin said the novel was reminiscent of <em>Embers</em> by Sandor Marai and described the book as &ldquo;both a love story and a novel of ideas&rdquo;, which explores &ldquo;the place of human consciousness in the universe&rdquo;. </p><p>W&amp;N is already planning to reissue the 1995 classic <em>Sophie&rsquo;s World </em>which has sold 20 million copies and has been translated into 50 languages. Tahsin said it would help to &ldquo;support the publication of his new novel next year&rdquo;.</p><p>She added: &ldquo;[The new novel] will definitely appeal to his old fan base, but we think it will absolutely attract new readers as well. He writes in such a fresh way, it will really appeal to a contemporary audience.&rdquo;</p>