W&N to bring out book from Rubik's Cube creator

W&N to bring out book from Rubik's Cube creator

Weidenfeld & Nicolson is publishing the first book by Rubik's Cube inventor Ernő Rubik—Cubed: The Puzzle of Us All—exploring what he has learned in "a lifetime of creating, curiosity and discovery".

Publisher Jenny Lord acquired UK and Commonwealth rights from Ádám Halmos on behalf of Libri, and will publish the book in hardback, audio and e-book on 15th September 2020. Bryn Clark at Flatiron has US and Canadian rights. 

Rubik said: "This book will touch upon many things: creativity, symmetry, education, architecture, questions, playfulness, contradictions, beauty. But at its core, this book is about puzzles. It is about the puzzle of myself. It is about the puzzle of this magical object I discovered almost 50 years ago. And it is about the puzzle of us all."

In Cubed, Rubik, 76, covers his journey to inventing the eponymous cube but also makes a case for "the importance of being an amateur", which he has always considered himself, sharing his view that anyone can be a creator. He discusses "the inevitability of problems during any act of invention" and what it was like to experience the worldwide success of an object he made for his own play. 

"Steeped in the wisdom and also the humility of a born inventor, Cubed offers a unique look at the imperfect science of creation," states W&N. "To Rubik puzzles aren’t just games—they’re creativity machines. He encourages us to embrace our inner curiosity and find the puzzles that surround us in our everyday lives."

Rubik’s puzzle, the Cube, went on to be solved by millions worldwide for over 40 years, becoming one of the bestselling toys of all time. Involved in licensing and popularising the puzzle during this time was the late Tom Kremer, the games designer and entrepreneur who was also the founding publisher behind Notting Hill Editions. 

Lord said of the deal to publish Hungarian inventor Rubik's story: "The story of how the cube came to occupy such a unique place in the world, and in our hearts, is one that hasn’t yet been fully told and Cubed is as inventive, playful and delightful as its author."