W&N to publish essay collection Goodbye, Europe

W&N to publish essay collection Goodbye, Europe

Weidenfeld & Nicolson is publishing Goodbye, Europe, a collection of personal essays, anecdotes, short stories and illustrations exploring our relationship with Europe. 

The collection will be released on 2nd November and, according to W&N, will be authored by "some of the country’s most treasured" writers and artists. The final list will be revealed within the next couple of months.

The collection will house a range of opinions and be suitable for readers of different political persuasions, according to Orion publishing director Emad Akhtar.

Akhtar said: "This collection will be more personal than what people can get from current affairs – rich in tone and variety of opinion, it will catalogue this time of change in our country. It’s been a divisive year or two, and the political landscape remains polarised, but we hope that this book can offer a focal point where readers from different persuasions and perspectives can coalesce. There’s an endless number of ways to approach the topic and the various forms will only multiply that. We’ve got many fantastic contributors already on board and are making our last approaches in the next couple of weeks. We’re delighted with the amazing response already from authors, artists and agents."

W&N publishing director, Jenny Lord added: "It is our role as publishers to offer readers the opportunity to view the world, warts and all, from a different vantage point. In the wall of noise that we come up against every day, we hope this carefully curated collection will offer something of genuine value to readers during these strange and unsettling times. It has been incredibly exciting to witness such passionate, committed engagement from the writers and artists who have already come on board and we feel sure the end result will be a book we can be proud to share with people."

The collection will be made available in November at £18.99 in royal hardback, e-book and audio.