W&N buys a book by Ironmonger

<p>Orion imprint Weidenfeld &amp; Nicholson has bought world rights in two novels from a new British author, J W Ironmonger, a Shropshire businessman.</p><p>Publishing director Kirsty Dunseath acquired the book on a pre-empt from Mark Stanton at Jenny Brown Associates. Ironmonger&#39;s debut is called <em>The Notable Brain of Maximilian Ponder</em> and features a man who has shut himself away for 30 years in an attempt to record every memory he has ever had. Now he lies dead, surrounded by his magnum opus - The Catalogue - &quot;an exhaustive set of notebooks and journals that he hopes will form the map of one human mind,&quot; according to Dunseath.</p><p>The novel, described as the story of &quot;a lifelong obsession&quot;, and &quot;a quest to understand the human mind&quot;, will be published in spring 2012. </p>