Winged Chariot is first to put picture book on iPhone

<p>Picture book publisher Winged Chariot Press has launched Europe&rsquo;s first children&rsquo;s picture book on a mobile telephone. The company has published <em>The Surprise</em> (see image from the book above), by Sylvia van Ommen, on the iPhone.</p><p>The iPhone device is particularly suited to picture books owing to its touch-sensitive colour screen, said Neal Hoskins, founder of Winged Chariot Press. Children can follow the story on the iPhone using sliding illustrations, animation and sound.</p><p>Hoskins added: &quot;At home many parents already share their laptops and phones as digital entertainment devices with their children. Now, they can use and enjoy them together in a new variety of mini-reading experiences on journeys.&quot; </p><p>He added that the backlit screens also make mobile devices an exciting new way to share bedtime stories.</p><p><em>The Surprise</em> can be downloaded for 59p as an iPhone app. The company has launched a Twitter competition offering a prize linked to the book to help to publicise its launch.</p><p>Winged Chariot is making more of its titles available for the iPhone, including <em>The Red Apple</em> by Feridun Oral. Hoskins is particularly excited about the international reach of the application. <em>The Red Apple</em>, for example, will be made available with text and audio, enabling users to read or listen to the story in a chosen language, in this case English or Turkish.</p><p>While Winged Chariot is one of the first publishers to make its picture book available as a mobile phone application, others are working on similar developments. Ross Sleight, director of Missing Ink Studios, said the company was working with a number of publishers to make their content available via mobile applications with announcements due in September.</p><p>The company is also publishing a 12+ illustrated novel, <em>The Duckling Chronicles</em> by Emilie Christensen, as an app, paperback and e-book in late autumn.</p>