Wilson tackles anxiety in Transworld deal

Wilson tackles anxiety in Transworld deal

I Quit Sugar (Bluebird) author Sarah Wilson has moved to Transworld in a new book deal which will see her turn her "fierce investigatory skills" onto the subject of anxiety.

Transworld acquires Uk and Commonwealth rights (excluding Australia and News Zealand) to First, We Make the Beast Beautiful: A new story about anxiety from Peggy Boulos Smith at Writers House.

Wilson, whose book I Quit Sugar was published by Bluebird in 2014, is turning her focus and "fierce investigatory skills" from sugar to anxiety, with which she has struggled her entire life. "Wilson looks at the triggers and treatments, the fashions and fads of anxiety in a practical, poetic, wise and funny book that is part memoir, part polemic", the publisher said.

Andrea Henry, editorial director at Transworld, said: "Anxiety disorder is an extremely common mental illness and a very hot topic right now. But this isn’t simply a book about coping with anxiety. Sarah’s take on it is that it doesn’t have to be a disease (or beast) that needs to be medicated into submission, it can be re-framed as a thing of beauty – something that can be harnessed and put to the good. It’s a really exciting and compelling argument, which resonates with lots of people here at Transworld. We’re delighted to be working with Sarah, who has completely won us over with her energy, creativity and lust for life."

Wilson said increasing discourse around the subject in media and online has made her "very excited about starting the important conversation" in her book. "I wrote the book because I wanted to have a more nourishing conversation … I can’t wait for Spring," she said.

First, We Make the Beast Beautiful will be published by Bantam Press in hardback in Spring 2018.