Wild Nest and Little Island acquire TV rights to Mayfair 100 series

Wild Nest and Little Island acquire TV rights to Mayfair 100 series

Lynn Brittney's Mayfair 100 series (Mirror Books) will be adapted for TV by Wild Nest Pictures in partnership with Little Island Productions. 

The series is set during the First World War One and follows a covert female taskforce that uncovers a series of dark and gruesome crimes in London.

Wild Nest acquired TV rights to three Mayfair 100 novels: Murder in Belgravia (2017), A Death in Chelsea (2019) and an unpublished, untitled third book, from Jonathan Sissons at PFD. 

Founder of Wild Nest Pictures Tom Brittney — Lynn Brittney's son — said: "I've been keen to contribute more directly to the constantly evolving landscape of TV and film for some time. Wild Nest is my way to do that. We’re aiming to champion brave storytellers telling character driven narratives. We felt an adaptation of my mum’s brilliant book series, Mayfair 100, was the perfect launch for the company. An opportunity to take a period of history that people may know, but take it in a dark, unique and unseen direction."

Little Island Productions said: “Mayfair 100 explores untold stories of the First World War through its gripping crime narratives and cast of extraordinary characters. From our first meeting with [Wild Nest Pictures], we were struck by their energy and creativity and knew that we had to collaborate with them on this truly original series.”