Widespread media for Tony Blair paperback

Widespread media for Tony Blair paperback

Arrow's release today of Tony Blair's political memoir A Journey with a new introduction has sparked widespread media coverage.

Extracts from the new introduction are posted on the book's website, tonyblairjourney.co.uk, along with other extracts from the text, focusing on topics such as the Arab Spring, Northern Ireland and Gordon Brown.

In the introduction, Blair says that he wrote the chapters out of sequence, and took three years to complete the book. He calls A Journey "something of a letter (extended!) to the country I love", and points to the final chapter, dealing with 2007-2010, and his thoughts about the financial crisis, as being "very much engaged with today's debate and today's issues".

He says Britain needs "a vision, a concept, a sense of our place in the world today and in our future, as well as a strong regard for our past", and that this is "the only hope for Britain's future".

Blair also appears on the front page of the Times today, in an interview marking the paperback version's release, calling for "an elected president with a democratic mandate" for Europe. The newspaper also picked up on the book's launch, highlighting Blair's comments about the Arab Spring in the title.

Kickstarting the publicity campaign for the book, the former prime minister also appeared on BBC Radio 4's "Today" programme and BBC1's "BBC Breakfast" this morning. The Observer Magazine will feature Blair in the "This Much I Know" slot on Sunday, with an interview in the Sun to run next week. Features on Blair will also feature in High Life, Word Magazine, Easy Living and We Love This Book's launch issue.

An outdoor advertising campaign will see 16-sheet posters appear in stations across central London, with the book also to be promoted on the video screen in the Canary Wharf Reuters Plaza, according to the publishers, the first non-fiction book to be promoted in this space.