Who's next for private equity?

<p>The Times explains why so many private equity companies are buying into publishers. &quot;It is not the sexiest publishing sector, but business to business (B2B) companies are enjoying a moment in the sun. . . Private equity houses are sniffing around, lured by a business model with solid revenue from subscription renewals rather than less stable advertising and titles with niche strongholds.&quot; The question is who next?</p><p>&quot;Reed Elsevier&rsquo;s shares surged after it was described as &ldquo;the perfect LBO&rdquo;. However, that could be said of any B2B player. United Business Media&rsquo;s PR Newswire looks especially tasty, as does Emap Communications. Others include Euromoney, Centaur and Reed Elsevier&rsquo;s Lexis Nexis or Butterworths division.&quot;<br /><br /><br /><br /></p>