White Rabbit clinches Doors guitarist Krieger's memoir

White Rabbit clinches Doors guitarist Krieger's memoir

White Rabbit will publish the first memoir by The Doors guitarist Robby Krieger, promising never-before-told stories from the legendary band's career. 

Lee Brackstone, publisher at the Orion imprint, has acquired UK and Commonwealth rights in Set the Night on Fire in an intercompany deal with Little Brown US. The book will be written with Jeff Alulis. It will be published on 28th October 2021 in hardback, trade paperback, e-book and audio. 

“Few bands are as shrouded in the murky haze of rock mythology as The Doors, and parsing fact from fiction has been a virtually impossible task,” the blurb reads. “But now, after 50 years, The Doors’ notoriously quiet guitarist, Robby Krieger, is ready to set the record straight. In his first-ever memoir, Set the Night on Fire: Living, Dying, and Playing Guitar with The Doors, written with Jeff Alulis, Krieger opens up about the band’s meteoric career, his own darkest moments, and the most famous black eye in rock ’n’ roll.

“Through a series of vignettes, Krieger takes readers back to where it all happened... packed with never-before-told stories from The Doors’ vital years and offers a fresh perspective on infamous moments in the band’s career. Krieger also goes into heartbreaking detail about his life’s most difficult struggles, ranging from drug addiction, to his twin brother’s mental breakdown, to his own battle with cancer. Counterbalancing the sorrow are humorous anecdotes about run-ins with unstable fans, famous musicians, and one really angry monk.” 

The book offers “an insightful time capsule of ’60s counterculture, a moving reflection on what it means to find oneself a musician, and a touching tale of a life lived non-traditionally". 

“My love for The Doors is such that I have been known to walk out of bars, exit cabs and terminate friendship when others disagree with the quality of their radical legacy,” Brackstone said. “The Doors’ impact on the evolution of rock 'n' roll was the equal of any of their peers before or since and their story has – as we of course saw in the Oliver Stone biopic – the narrative drama, power, glamour and tragedy of archetypal myth. Robby Krieger’s memoir tells the story of the band and his creative life following it with the knowledge and intimacy of a true insider. Set the Night on Fire is an essential addition to the canon of great rock n roll memoirs by a true survivor.” 

Krieger is the guitarist for The Doors and the songwriter behind some of the band’s biggest hits, a Grammy-nominated solo artist and listed among the "100 Greatest Guitarists" by Rolling Stone. He is also an accomplished painter and the co-founder of the annual Medlock-Krieger Rock & Roll Golf Classic & All-Star Concert. 

Alulis is the co-author of The Hepatitis Bathtub and Other Stories (Hachette).