WGGB launches 'blueprint' guide to writing competitions

WGGB launches 'blueprint' guide to writing competitions

The Writers' Guild of Great Britain (WGGB) is launching a new guide to writing competitions next week, helping authors spot the good from the bad.

Titled Competition or cut-price commission?, it covers short story, book and poetry competitions, among other genres, and will set out key principles and guidance for competitions across audio, books, poetry, short stories, theatre, film and television, as well as providing advice for potential entrants. 

It will also feature case studies and a checklist to help writers make a measured assessment, alongside competition organiser dos and don’ts and detailed advice relating to specific writing genres.  

The guide will be launched at a free online event on 24th June, which explores how writers can tell the difference between genuine opportunities and those that should be offering standard industry pay and conditions.

President Sandi Toksvig said: “It’s no surprise that writers are bewildered by the increasing number of opportunities dangled in front of them, promising fame and fortune, not to mention the guiding hands of ‘experts’ to help hone their craft. This new guide sifts through the good, the bad and the downright ugly to provide a blueprint for writers and competition organisers alike, enabling them to answer the simple question: is this a competition or a cut price commission that should be offering WGGB-negotiated or recommended industry terms? 

“It’s a complex area but WGGB navigates it in a clear, concise and accessible way – taking in topics like rights, rates and much more along the way.” 

The WGGB is a trade union representing writers for TV, film, theatre, radio, books, comedy, poetry, animation and videogames. It negotiates national agreements on pay and conditions with key industry bodies, including BBC, ITV and Pact; the Royal Court, National Theatre and Royal Shakespeare Company.