Westward Ho! from Birlinn

<p>In line with the current vogue for republishing classic titles, Birlinn is set to publish <em>Water Babies</em> author Charles Kingsley&#39;s 19th-century historical adventure novel <em>Westward Ho!</em> (March, p/b, &pound;9.99, introduction by Malcolm Day).</p><p>The tale, which will run to 680 pages in this edition, charts the course followed by Amyas Leigh, a young man set upon a life on the high seas who joins Sir Francis Drake as he prepares to face the Spanish Armada. When first published, the theme would have resonated with readers&#39; fears of a French invasion under emperor Louis Napoleon.</p><p><em>Westward Ho!</em> is one of several reissues from Birlinn with novels by James Kelman, Robin Jenkins and George McKay Brown all republished this year. <em>Power House, Sick Heart River</em> and <em>The Dancing Floor</em>, novels by John Buchan, were also reprinted in paperback in August by Birlinn. A Birlinn spokeswoman commented: &quot;We&#39;ve been doing quite a few Scottish reprints lately, but<em> Westward Ho!</em> is more of a national reprint.&quot;<br /></p>