Wenlock Books to close next month

Wenlock Books to close next month

Wenlock Books will cease trading next month amid difficult trading conditions and a lack of footfall. 

Owner Anna Dreda, a bookseller since 1986, said she has made the "difficult and painful decision" to close the Shropshire bookshop on 30th June. 

"Trading conditions are such that I have been running at a loss for some time now and I'm afraid I'm unable to find the energy, stamina or financial resources to turn things around, especially as our High Street is so quiet," said Dreda. "I hoped I would still be bookselling into my seventies, but the rise of Amazon, the financial crash, my health and the current state of our country's high streets (to say nothing of politics!) has thwarted even my best efforts. And best efforts there were aplenty!"

Dreda, who won Independent Bookseller of the Year at the 2006 Nibbies and founded the Wenlock Poetry Festival which ran for seven years, took over the shop in November 2003.  

Reflecting on her career at Wenlock, she said: "I've drunk champagne with the Queen, I've hobnobbed with Laureates, I've helped seven year old boys fall in love with poetry, and children in general fall in love with books. I've nurtured my staff. I've been on Woman's Hour, on the telly, in all the major broadsheets when they were broadsheets, won Independent Bookseller of the Year in 2006, founded the Wenlock Poetry Festival, taken reader's groups to Venice, created Reader's Retreats in Scotland and Wales, and built the most amazing relationships with so many of my customers. I even took 300 children and their parents on a midnight steam train ride to get their latest Harry Potter book.You know what, I've had a blast!"

Customers and friends are invited to the shop on Sunday 2nd June from 2pm to 6pm to have a glass of wine an have the first pick of the 'Let's Clear the Decks Super Sale' which officially starts on Monday 3rd June and will run until the end of the month or until the shelves are empty. A series of giveaways are also planned with the final event taking place on Saturday 15th June to celebrate the launch of former staff member Susannah Stapleton’s book, The Adventures of Maud West, Lady Detective (Picador).