Wendy Moffat wins at Biographers' Club

<p>Academic Wendy Moffat and unpublished writer Matt Cox have both won awards at this year&rsquo;s Biographers&rsquo; Club Prize.<br /><br />Moffat was awarded the &pound;2,000 Best First Biography Prize for <em>E M Forster: A New Life</em> (Bloomsbury) at the awards last night (21st October). </p><p><br />Matt Cox took home the Tony Lothian prize for his title about Prince Monolulu, racing tipster, preacher, dancer, nude model, lion-tamer, conjuror, fire-eater and frog-swallower, <em>White Lies Black Magic</em>. The &pound;2,000 prize supports uncommissioned first-time writers working on a biography.<br /><br /> </p>