Book-ish hits £15k of property-saving fundraiser

Book-ish hits £15k of property-saving fundraiser

The crowdfunding campaign for Welsh indie store Book-ish has raised more than £15,000—half its overall target—in less than a week.

The owners of the Crickhowell-based bookshop were moved by the industry's overwhelming response after a GoFundMe page has raised over 50% of the target since being set up last Wednesday (17th November).

Co-owners Emma and Andrew Corfield-Walters launched the fundraiser to generate the £30,000 they need to buy their property, after their landlord offered it to them, with a deadline of 31st January 2022. The shop had achieved 25% of the target within 48 hours.

Booksellers, literary festival directors and publishers across the UK have come out in support of the shop, which has now reached £15,000 across more than 400 donations. 

Emma Corfield-Walters told The Bookseller: "We have been absolutely blown away by the level of support our GoFundMe campaign has gotten over the past few days. Customers, supporters and those in the trade have all come out to help us ensure we stay on the high street and continue to do what we love. Myself and Drew have both been moved to tears daily."

The owners took to Twitter to thank those who have donated so far. "I am absolutely staggered by your generosity and you're love of Book-ish," they said.