Welbeck signs first Covid-19 account from frontline doctor Pimenta

Welbeck signs first Covid-19 account from frontline doctor Pimenta

Welbeck has signed a book by Dr Dominic Pimenta, the first personal account of Covid-19 from a doctor on the epidemic's frontline.

Duty of Care: One NHS Doctor’s Story of the Covid-19 Crisis “reveals the shocking truth from inside one of the hardest-hit areas in the UK", the publisher said. “Starting with initial whispers emanating from China to lockdown caused by a virus which has tested hospitals and medical staff to the limit, this book perfectly captures the panic which has shaken the world. It also highlights how, at a time of unprecedented shock and despair, human generosity and kindness of spirit has prevailed.”

Oliver Holden-Rea, senior commissioning editor, acquired world rights from Max Edwards at Aevitas Creative Management UK.

Dr Pimenta is a cardiology registrar based in London,currently on duty in his hospital’s intensive care unit, helping to fight the pandemic. He regularly comments on the politics and stories surrounding the NHS and medical services in the Guardian and Independent and is also a regular guest on television and radio. In March, he set up the charity HEROES (Help Them Help Us), which helps healthcare workers by providing them with personal protective equipment, counselling services, childcare grants and food deliveries. Since the charity began it has raised over £1m.

Holden-Rea said: “I don’t think any members of the general public can begin to imagine what it’s actually been like inside hospital wards and on the frontline of healthcare during this unique moment in history. Listening to Dominic has been an eye-opening experience, and one that helps make sense of all the confusion around this pandemic. In addition, his work and achievements with the charity HEROES is mind-blowing. I am delighted to help him tell this very personal, very important, story.”

Pimenta added: "Everybody will have their own story of the pandemic and I am incredibly grateful to Welbeck for the opportunity to tell mine and that of my colleagues, from the outset of the pandemic to the lockdown and beyond. I hope this book gives the reader an insight into the crisis from the ground, and, through the royalties donated to charity, a way to continue to support NHS workers and their families now and long into the future.”

Published in paperback on 3rd September 2020, all royalties from the book will go to HEROES.