Welbeck bags McKenna's positivity guide

Welbeck bags McKenna's positivity guide

Welbeck Publishing Group has acquired author and hypnotist Paul McKenna's "powerful and important" self-care guide Positivity: Confidence, Resilience, Motivation.

Ajda Vucicevic, editorial director for non-fiction at Welbeck, acquired world rights from Caroline Michel at PFD. Positivity: Confidence, Resilience, Motivation will be published in trade paperback in the UK on 6th January 2022, and in the US on 28th December, 2021.

The new book will be accompanied by audio content and will draw on McKenna's 30 years working as a therapist, in addition to his experience of the last 18 months.

The synopsis explains: "McKenna’s approach is one that can guide you towards an all-round feeling of positivity, putting you into optimal states of mind, building up your resilience and enabling good decisions and actions that lead to successful results in life.  Including easy to use exercises and visualisation techniques plus free audio downloads, Positivity is a practical psychological system in how to survive and thrive - how to discover your own natural most powerful resources for self-care, self-belief and for taking control of your life."

Vucicevic said: “It is a privilege to welcome Paul to Welbeck. I know just how powerful and important his books are, and how many take great inspiration from his words. This book promises to be no different. It will be the only book you need on becoming more positive, building confidence and resilience.”  

McKenna said: “After everything that people have been through in the last 18 months, there has never been a greater demand for mental health support. I believe this could be my most helpful book to date.”