Watkins signs Uri Geller biography

Watkins signs Uri Geller biography

Watkins Publishing has signed an authorised biography of Uri Geller, exploring his claims to have worked with the CIA and Mossad.

The Secret Life of Uri Geller by Jonathan Margolis will be rushed out in August as an e-book to coincide with a new BBC2 documentary about Geller. The documentary, made by Oscar-winning director Vikram Jayanti, also looks at Geller's background, when organisations such as the CIA and Mossad are said to have tested Geller's psychic claims in mind reading experiments.

The biography will also be released in print in September.

Michael Mann, publisher at large for Watkins, said: "Uri is world famous for mind reading and spoon bending but his work with the CIA and Mossad during the 60s and 70s as well as in post 9/11 times has until now remained secret. The Secret Life of Uri Geller tells the real story of his extraordinary life and his undercover work for the world's most famous spy agencies."

Watkins signed world rights in a deal directly with the author.