Waterstone's teams with Faber for charity book

<p>Tom Stoppard, Stephen Fry, Bill Nighy, Jo Brand, Harry Hill and Nigel Slater are among contributors to a Waterstone&#39;s &shy;charity book.</p><p><em>Modern Delight</em> takes its inspiration from J B Priestley&#39;s <em>Delight</em>&mdash;a 1949 collection of essays on things that made him, a self-confessed &quot;old monster&quot;, stop and smile.</p><p><em>Modern Deligh</em>t (Faber, 10th September, &pound;10) will be exclusively available in Waterstone&#39;s shops and through waterstones.com.</p><p>Proceeds from the book will go towards Dyslexia Action and the London Library, the world&#39;s &shy;largest independent lending library.</p><p>Waterstone&#39;s m.d. Gerry Johnson said: &quot;When we set out to discover what gives people delight we never dreamed we would get such an overwhelming response.&quot; <br /></p>