Waterstone's staff 'Get Selling'

<p>Waterstone&#39;s is rolling out a compulsory new dress code across all regions as it aims to complete its &quot;Get Selling&quot; staff training scheme by May. </p><p>Staff will have the choice of a black t-shirt, button-down shirt, fleece or sweatshirt, with the Waterstone&#39;s branding on the front and back. The new clothing is aimed to help customers more easily identify booksellers instore. Currently just under half of Waterstone&#39;s 21 regions are wearing the new clothing, with the dress code to be made compulsory in all stores by early summer.</p><p>The new branded clothing is part of Waterstone&#39;s &quot;Get Selling&quot; programme, aimed at using bookseller knowledge to better match customers to the right book. &quot;It&#39;s about selling range,&quot; said a Waterstone&#39;s spokesperson. &quot;It&#39;s about talking to customers and matching them to their perfect book.&quot;</p><p>The programme has already been implemented across nine regions, with training in the remaining 12 to be completed by May. Branch managers get two days of training, which they pass onto their staff. The scheme was in response to customer research which revealed that shoppers need more help in choosing books throughout the store, not just frontlist titles.<br /></p>