Waterstones reverts to original logo, drops apostrophe

Waterstones is reverting to its original logo in the Baskerville serif font and dropping its apostrophe in order to reflect a “truer” and confident picture of the business, the company announced today (11th January). Waterstones' managing director James Daunt said dropping the apostrophe would make the brand more versatile in the digital age of communication and underline the fact that hundreds of people now work for the company.
The previous Waterstones logo, which was introduced in May 2010, had been with a lower case ‘w' in FS Albert Pro font and its full name appeared with an apostrophe, reflecting the fact the chain had been founded by Tim Waterstone.
Daunt said: “Waterstones is an iconic brand deserving a capital W, and a font that reflects authority and confidence—Baskerville does just that.”
He added: “Waterstones without an apostrophe is, in a digital world of URLs and email addresses, a more versatile and practical spelling. It also reflects an altogether truer picture of our business today which, while created by one, is now built on the continued contribution of thousands of individual booksellers.”
The company said the new design and spelling of the Waterstones logo will gradually be implemented in all written communication, display material, online and shop fits and refurbishments, but the lower case FS Albert Pro logo had only been transferred onto 25 stores.