Waterstone's reveals Sony Reader sales

Waterstone's has sold "almost 30,000" units of e-book device the Sony Reader, following its launch in the stores at the beginning of September. It is the first time the retailer has divulged the number sold.

The figure was revealed by managing director Gerry Johnson as the chain reported its Christmas performance, with like-for-like sales down 2% over the five-week Christmas period. Priced at £200, the Sony Reader would added £6m to Waterstone's top line, which dropped 3.2% over the 10 weeks to 3rd January.

Johnson added that there had been an upsurge in post-Christmas traffic to the website as a result of the Christmas sales. In December, The Bookseller revealed exclusively that Sony had sold 300,000 of its Reader devices globally since the digital device was launched in October 2006