Waterstone's plans school push

<p>Bookstore chain Waterstone&#39;s is supporting a scheme encouraging primary school children to read and share books with a campaign created by Wax Communications, notes Brand Republic.<br /><br />Tying in with the National Year of Reading, the chain&#39;s Big Book Bank initiative will give UK school children a voucher for a free, new book from Waterstone&#39;s in return for bringing their own books to school and depositing them in &#39;the big book bank&#39; for other pupils to share and read.<br /><br />Participating schools will receive a big book bank display kit, designed by Wax, including posters to use in their school, illustrating how the system works, as well as vouchers for the children. Teachers will be able to download lesson plans and activity sheets from a dedicated Waterstone&#39;s website.<br /><br /><br /></p>