Waterstones' hub wins Supply Chain Excellence Award

Waterstones' hub wins Supply Chain Excellence Award

Waterstones has won recognition for its “transformation of the hub” at the European Supply Chain Excellence Awards.

The chain bookseller and its distribution partner UTL won a total of four awards at the event, including the overall title - the Supply Chain Excellence Award.

The award organisers said the company had “transformed” its supply chain to “strengthen its competitiveness in a book market that has changed dramatically with the growth of online retailing and the advent of e-books.”

Waterstones also took the award in the Retail Supply Chain category.

James Daunt, m.d of Waterstones, said: “We are delighted that at the European Supply Chain Excellence Awards the full extent and achievement of the transformation of Waterstones’ operation at the Hub was recognised…At a time of great innovation in logistics and huge investment by both high street and on-line retailers, the judges singled out a close working partnership that has reinvented a highly complex operation to deliver a dramatic improvement in service.”

He added: “At Waterstones we are very pleased that one of the less heralded pieces of work to improve the business has been recognised in this emphatic manner.”

Waterstones beat off competition from Department for International Development with Grown Agents and International Procurement Agency (CAIPA), Philips Consumer Lifestyle with flex, Rohde & Schwarz GmbH Co KG and Suzuki GB PLC with Bespoke Distribution Aviation (BDA) to be crowned the overall winner.