Waterstone's ends 3-for-2

Waterstone's ends 3-for-2

Waterstone’s has ended its 3-for-2 offer, with new promotional campaigns offering 25% and 33% off selected titles, as well as money off promotions.

The Bookseller understands the books discounted differ from store-to-store, according to the reading tastes of different customer bases.

On its blog, the Waterstone’s Nottingham branch wrote: "As of today, Waterstone's has changed. Our '3 for 2' was famous. It's what we were known for, it has been much copied. But from today, the biggest paperbacks will either be 25% off, or even 33% off. Saving you more money. Giving you more flexibility to purchase the book you want, and only the book you want. No need to look for that elusive third book for a friend, or just because its 'free', or just because 'it will do'.

"The books you want, at a better price, you in control. We think you will love it.”

A spokesperson for the chain said: "We still want to offer value to our customers and so will use a range of promotions, including money off and points offers. In addition, our shops now have much more control over which books they feel are most appropriate to promote in their local markets."

Speaking earlier this week, Waterstone’s m.d. James Daunt said the reason for dropping the 3-for-2 offer was so customers could focus more on the book they wanted, rather than the price. He told the Telegraph: "If you fill your entire front of shop with 3-for-2s, and you end up plastering stickers over an enormous range of books, it becomes simply irritating.”