'Watchman' copy sells for £988

'Watchman' copy sells for £988

A copy of Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchman (William Heinemann) which contains printing errors has sold for almost £1,000.

AbeBooks.co.uk, the online marketplace for used and rare books owned by Amazon, said one of its users sold the copy for £988.

The book was one of a “limited number” which were found to contain a printing error – two lines of text are missing on each of six pages towards the end of the book.

AbeBooks said the seller of the £988 book confirmed it was obtained via Amazon UK, and that the buyer was located overseas.

Richard Davies, merchandising manager at AbeBooks.co.uk, said: “It appears there are a good number of misprinted copies about and I suspect people are unaware that these copies are potentially valuable. Some book collectors are very interested in literary oddities and this misprint edition would fall into that category.”

There are currently no other misprinted copies of Go Set a Watchman on AbeBooks.