Warner Bros buys Tartt's Goldfinch

Warner Bros buys Tartt's Goldfinch

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt (Little, Brown) is to be made into a film after Warner Bros bought the movie rights.

The Pulitzer-prize winning novel will be turned into a movie director by Brett Ratner, who also directed "Rush Hour" and "Red Dragon", and the co-producers will be Brad Simpson and Nina Jacobson, who directed "The Hunger Games".

The acclaimed novel follows the fate of a 13-year-old boy over two decades, who steals a priceless Dutch painting by Carel Fabritius.

In March it was revealed that Nina Jacobson’s Color Force production company was searching for a filmmaker to adapt the novel.

At the time, Jacobson said: “We are looking for the right filmmaker, and then we'll choose the right home based on that filmmaker. We've been thinking we are more likely to make a limited series for TV. There's so much scope to the book. At the same time, a filmmaker could come in with a perspective that changes our mind.”