Walker to publish Malamander sequel in 2020

Walker to publish Malamander sequel in 2020

Walker Books will publish the follow up to Malamander by Thomas Taylor in 2020. 

Gargantis will publish in May 2020, in the UK, US and Australia simultaneously. The book was bought in a major joint acquisition for Walker Books and Walker US as part of a three-book, six-figure deal including Malamander, and another book in the sequence. Walker have currently sold Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Romanian, and Russian rights with more deals being negotiated.

The second book in the Legends of Eerie on Sea sequence will be a major lead title for Walker around the globe, with a significant campaign planned to "encompass statement marketing, an array of author led events and stand out promotion to continue the success of Malamander", said Walker. 

"When an ancient bottle is found washed up on the beach after a ferocious electrical storm, all the residents of Eerie-on-Sea seem to want it ... but should they in fact fear it? Legend has it that the bottle contains an extraordinary secret that spells doom for the whole of Eerie-on-Sea," the synopsis reads. "Could it be true that the vast sea creature Gargantis has awoken from her slumbers, and is causing the large cracks that are appearing all across the town? Finding themselves entrusted with the bottle, Herbie and Violet discover they will need to ride the terrible storm and pacify the creature if they want to save Eerie-on-Sea from sliding into the ocean and being lost for ever."

Malamander, which has sold 19,582 copies since May according to Nielsen, was selected as a Children’s Book of the Month by Fiona Noble in The Bookseller and was made a Waterstones Children’s Book of the Month. Sony Pictures has secured the film rights for a substantial pre-empt, from Kirsty McLachlan at DGA Ltd. The audiobook, narrated by Game of Thrones star Alfie Allen was released last month.