Walker Books takes on WingedChariot

<p>Walker Books is taking on the sales representation within the UK and Ireland for WingedChariot Press, which specialises in children&#39;s translated picture books. </p><p>The partnership kicks off this month and aims to extend the reach of WingedChariot&#39;s list. The publishers said the &quot;two-way partnership&quot; was &quot;a perfect fit for both parties&quot;. </p><p>Neal Hoskins, publisher of WingedChariot, said the alliance was &quot;a great step for us&quot;. He added: &quot;We have always admired Walker Books for their craft and choice of ground-breaking stories as well their careful eye when it comes to production and fine bookmaking . . . We know that by working with Walker, we can give these books the chance to be seen and enjoyed by more and more readers.&quot;</p><p>Jane Harris, sales director at Walker, added: &quot;WingedChariot Press produce some of the most innovative children&#39;s books in translation from all around the world. </p><p>&quot;We are delighted to be representing their sales in the UK and Ireland, and to be a part of delivering these unique and beautiful books to a wider audience. We look forward to working together and developing this mutually beneficial relationship.&quot;<br /><br /></p>