Walker Books to publish Morgan guide to resilience for teens

Walker Books to publish Morgan guide to resilience for teens

Walker Books will publish Nicola Morgan's "essential guide" for teenagers, Be Resilient: How to Build a Strong Teenage Mind for Tough Times, in July 2021.  

Written at the start of the first lockdown in 2020, Morgan will explore practical ways to identify and grow personal resilience strategies and practices, aiming to enable teenagers to get better at coping with whatever the world throws at them.

Denise Johnstone Burt, executive editorial director, acquired world English language rights from the Elizabeth Roy Literary Agency. 

Morgan said: "I’ve always felt that resilience is something you build bit by bit, slowly, over time. But the pandemic made the need more urgent and I immediately felt that we needed a course in resilience speed-building if we were to equip our young people with skills now, in the teeth of a storm. And so, Be Resilient. Born directly from tough times but looking firmly to all the ups and downs ahead, sunny days and storms. What are the daily actions anyone can take that will build the five pillars of support networks, personal skills, positive coping strategies, courage and a constructive approach to the future? Simple, practical actions, all of which can be built into normal days, ordinary lives, even in extraordinary times. Actions for young and for old – because adults need to grow resilience, too.

"We can’t control the weather but we can build strong ships and learn to sail them confidently and skilfully. That’s what Be Resilient aims to do, to say to young people, ‘You can do this' and to give them the personal strengths to make that true."

Walker has published Morgan's Blame My Brain (2013), The Teenage Guide to Stress (2014) and, most recently, The Awesome Power of Sleep (2021).