Walker Books to publish coding fiction series

Walker Books to publish coding fiction series

Walker Bookswill publish a coding fiction series from Bright Little Labs c.e.o. Sophie Dean.

Commissioning editor Daisy Jellicoe acquired world rights from United Agents. Agent Asha: Mission Shark Bites will be published in July 2020, the first in a three-book deal. The book will have illustrations from Anjan Sarkar, represented by the Good Agency. 

The Agent Asha series will be expanding further in 2020, with a continued partnership experience at Kidzania London, a CSA app and digital hub, online video content, and a new 2D animated series in development set for launch in 2022.

The book centres around Asha Joshi, a girl who has the perfect excuse not to finish her homework as she has been recruited for the Children’s Spy Agency. Her mission is to save the world by using her coding skills to hack the biggest tech company in the world. 

The story is mapped onto key national Curriculum Computing KS1 and KS2 concepts and includes a trail of clues for children to solve as they read the story. The books will help young readers develop coding, critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. Walker Books also said: “Asha is also a positive role model for kids who don’t normally see themselves represented in the pages of the books they love to read.”

Deen said: “We are passionate about giving all children, regardless of their background, access to 21st century skills. Agent Asha shows kids how to navigate the modern world, with empowering role models and a hi-tech spy agency. We’re extremely proud to be working with Walker, who are fully aligned with the mission of the Children’s Spy Agency: Question everything. Think for yourself.”

Jellicoe added: “The series brings computer science and coding to life in such an engaging and exciting way, with an evil trillionaire, deadly sharks and a farting selfie stick. Sophie’s belief in the importance of digital literacy and critical thinking skills for all children, regardless of their background, is inspiring and Agent Asha is without a doubt a much-need protagonist for the world today.”