Walker bags sleep guide for teens from Nicola Morgan

Walker bags sleep guide for teens from Nicola Morgan

Walker Books has signed a sleep guide for teenagers by wellbeing author Nicola Morgan (pictured).

Executive editorial director Denise Johnstone-Burt acquired world English language rights for The Awesome Power of Sleep: How to Super-Charge Your Teenage Brain from Elizabeth Roy Literary Agency. The book will publish next February (2021) following Blame My Brain and The Teenage Guide to Stress.

The synopsis reads: “Social brains, addictive technology and minds racing with exam stress and friendship worries: it's no wonder a teenage stereotype is tired eyes and sleeping through the weekend. Getting enough quality sleep can be challenging and yet it is crucial to health, wellbeing and learning. Internationally renowned expert on the teenage brain, Nicola Morgan, tackles this essential subject, unpicking the fascinating up-to-date science with a focus on teenage brains and lives, explaining how to have the best sleep possible.”

Johnstone-Burt said: “Nicola Morgan’s books are always essential reading and never has a book been more timely in view of the sleep crisis all around us. Nicola’s clear and engaging way of presenting information as well as her practical strategies and advice make this a book parents and teenagers will devour.”

Morgan added: "The most common questions I get from young people are about sleep—they really want to know! I'm really excited to be sharing this with the readers of my teenage wellbeing books so they can harness the truly awesome power of sleep to build physical and mental health. As usual, I'm writing for teenagers but adults will learn a lot, too.”

Morgan is the writer of over 100 books, both fiction and non-fiction, and her bestselling examination of the teenage brain, Blame my Brain, was shortlisted for Aventis Prize. In 2018, she was awarded the School Library Association’s Outstanding Contribution to Information Books Award.