Walker battles plastic waste with picture book deals

Walker battles plastic waste with picture book deals

Walker Books has acquired two picture books - one by MG Leonard and Daniel Riley and the other by Martin Dorey and Tim Wesson - to help children explore the impact of plastic waste on the environment.

The Tale of a Toothbrush by Leonard, with illustrations by Riley, will follow the journey of a plastic toothbrush once it has been thrown away. With a cast of plastic characters, from pirate-ship bottles to dancing shampoos, the book encourages a positive understanding of how plastics affect the environment, according to Walker. It will be published early next year.

Leonard, the author of the Beetle Boy trilogy (Chicken House), said: “Plastic pollution is an emotive issue and a powerful example of the consequences of our choices. I hope that this story, about the epic journey of a cheerful yellow toothbrush called Sammy, will encourage children to talk with their grown-ups about the choices that they want to make.”

Dorey and Wesson’s book Kids Fight Plastic is a non-fiction guide for 7-10 year-olds to show children how they can fight plastic waste, with tips on things to do that take just two minutes. Dorey, who founded the beach cleaning movement #2minutebeachclean in 2013, said “I want Kids Fight Plastic to inspire children and families everywhere to take control of the plastic in their lives and fight back against the tide of plastic that’s threatening our oceans. I hope that every kid who reads this book will discover their inner superhero and be empowered to make a difference – because every action, big or small, matters.”

His book will be released in August.

Executive editorial director Denise Johnstone-Burt acquired world rights for The Tale of a Toothbrush from Kirsty McLachlan at David Godwin Associates, whilst commissioning editor Daisy Jellicoe bought world rights for Kids Fight Plastic from Tim Bates at Peters Fraser and Dunlop.