Walker acquires new teen guide by Nicola Morgan

Walker acquires new teen guide by Nicola Morgan

Walker Books has acquired The Teenage Guide to Friends, a book aimed at helping teenagers navigate friendships and peer group issues, by Nicola Morgan.

Morgan, who is also the author of two other guides for teenagers published by Walker (Blame My Brain and Teenage Guide to Stress), offers advice on fitting in, social media, understanding friends’ personality traits and behavioral trailts, and mental health and wellbeing.

Non-fiction publisher Caroline Royds, who negotiated a deal for world English language rights from Elizabeth Roy at Elizabeth Roy Literary Agency, said: “Blame My Brain and the Teenage Guide to Stress are two of the most important non-fiction books for teens that Walker Books has published.

“At conferences, events and festivals Nicola is most frequently approached over the topic of friendship when discussing stress. This is not just a measure of its importance in people's lives but of the enormous changes that take place during adolescence. She is constantly being asked for advice by troubled teens who've fallen out with their childhood best friend or parents worried about social media and its effect on their child at home and at school. The book came about as a response to all these requests.”

Teenage Guide to Friends will be published in 2017.