W W Norton signs 'Interstellar' companion

W W Norton signs 'Interstellar' companion

W W Norton & Company will publish a companion book to Christopher Nolan’s upcoming science fiction film “Interstellar” written by the film’s scientific advisor, Kip Thorne, titled The Science of Interstellar.

The book was acquired for publication by Norton president W Drake McFeely and edited by Jeff Shreve. It also features a foreword by Christopher Nolan.

In the book, Thorne, a theoretical physicist at Caltech and author of Black Holes and Time Warps (W W Norton & Company) who also serves as an executive producer on the film, explains the science that underpins the story. He reveals the scientific basis behind key moments in the film, explores potential interstellar spacecraft models, demonstrates the possible existence of wormholes and walks the reader through the details of space and time travel in a five-dimensional universe.

At 320 pages, the paperback book will contain over 200 color images, including movie stills, photographs, and illustrations.

W W Norton will publish the book on 7th November in conjunction with the film’s release date.