VR experience for FutureBook delegates

VR experience for FutureBook delegates

Delegates at this year’s FutureBook Conference will be able to get hands-on experience of the latest virtual reality headsets, discuss trends in the US audiobooks market and learn how to “reach the millennial audience” with Spotify. Bookings are now open for the surgery sessions at the FutureBook Conference, with one-to-one meetings available to any delegate attending the conference, with slots to be filled on a first-come-first-served basis.

The sessions are as follows:

1)The Millennial Market
Want to reach the millennial audience? Talk to Maxine Brauman, licensing director at Spotify, who will have advice on the importance of reaching this audience.
2) Reaching the US Audiobook Market
Looking to reach US consumers, get tips about independent audiobook publishing, and talk audiobooks trends and research stats? Michele Cobb, executive director of the Audio Publishers Association in the US and independent audio publisher is available to provide insight.

3) Heads-up: PlayStation and virtual reality
Are you a VR virgin? Or a virtual reality virtuoso? Do you want to try out the headsets before you commit? Either way Nick Coveney, head of digital & social media at Kings Road Publishing, is here to help you experience the future of play with a demo of PlayStationVR!

4) Putting learners first
Looking to develop a product that is going to change the lives of the learners using it? Find out how to put learners at the heart of every decision with ELTjam's unique Learner Experience Design framework.

FutureBook sponsors Yudu, Nielsen, Sage and Firsty will also be available on the day for discussions with conference delegates.

Bookings for the surgery sessions can be done via francesca.pymm@thebookseller.com. To book a ticket for the FutureBook Conference 2016, the EdTech for Publishers event, or AudioBook Revolution, visit www.thebookseller.com/futurebook-conference