Volunteers called on to save Blackburn libraries

Volunteers called on to save Blackburn libraries

Blackburn with Darwen Council is asking for volunteers to help run three of its five libraries or they risk closure.

The council is hoping volunteers will help run Livesey, Mill Hill and Roman Road libraries, leaving only Blackburn Central and Darwen libraries fully operated by the council.

If volunteers are not found, the three libraries could face closure, as the council looks to save £2m from its budget over the next three years.

Councillor Damian Talbot told the Lancashire Telegraph that closing libraries be an "absolute last resort". He added: "We have managed to keep them open throughout the past four years despite huge sums of money coming out of the budget. The savings we have to find in the next three years are significant so we just really want to work with the community. My policy has always been we do not close buildings but it is becoming increasingly difficult. We are in a stark situation and we want to carry on providing a service. Libraries play a key role in our community.”

A series of public meetings will be held in January to gauge public interest.