'Virtuoso' debut to Freight Books

'Virtuoso' debut to Freight Books

Freight Books has signed a "virtuoso debut with experimental elements" by Helen McClory entitled The Flesh of the Peach to be published in spring 2017.

Publishing director Adrian Searle signed the novel directly from the author, Helen McClory, who won the Saltire Scottish First Book of the Year in December 2015 for her debut story collection On the Edges of Vision (Queens Ferry Press, Texas).

Searle said: "The novel charts the intense journey into and out of rage and grief, via sex and violence, experienced by a young woman, set mostly in New Mexico but also taking in downtown New York and Cornwall. We're delighted to have added Helen McClory to our list."

McClory lives in Edinburgh and has a PhD in Creative Writing from the University of Glasgow and an MA in Creative Writing from UNSW, Australia.

Flesh of the Peach will be published in Spring 2017.