Virginia Woolf ballet at Royal Opera House

Virginia Woolf ballet at Royal Opera House

A ballet based on the life and works of Virginia Woolf will premiere next year, forming a central part of The Royal Opera House’s 2014/15 season.

Choreographer Wayne McGregor will present Woolf Works, his first full-length ballet for The Royal Ballet.

The work will draw “on Virginia Woolf's epochal novel Mrs Dalloway and the writer's other works”.

“McGregor and his designers create a hauntingly abstract world that finds parallels between Clarissa Dalloway's depression and repressed sexuality and Woolf's own life,” The Royal Opera House said.

McGregor told the BBC: "Her [Woolf’s] writing lends itself to the breaking of rules, in terms of how words are organised, or thoughts are organised. I thought that was a perfect filter to create something new. We're going to be able to find a way of mashing up, splicing and going back-and-forward through periods of time in a way that will hopefully be really evocative, and a different way of experiencing ballet.”

Woolf Works will be at The Royal Opera House from 11th May to 26th May.