Virgin signs digital business title by Jamal Edwards

Virgin signs digital business title by Jamal Edwards

Virgin Books has signed entrepreneur Jamal Edwards for six-part e-book The Sound Business Challenge.

Senior editor Hannah Knowles signed world English rights from Cathryn Summerhayes and Becky Thomas at WME, with the title to be released in six separate downloadable levels by Virgin Digital in August 2013.

Edwards began his career as a teenager, posting videos online of his friends rapping. At 20 he signed a deal with Sony RCA to become the c.e.o. of his own record label Just Jam Records. Now 22, Edwards is founder and c.e.o. of online broadcaster SB.TV. He was named one of Richard Branson’s Virgin Media Pioneers in 2012 and was featured in a Channel 4 series.

Knowles said: "Jamal has been a defining face of the Digital Age so this innovative approach works perfectly for his demographic. I’m excited that we’re experimenting with traditional formats, and doing so with such a ground-breaking entrepreneur.

"In each of the six downloadable 'levels' the reader works through a different stage of setting up a business. There are crunch decision points where you have to choose which path you'll take on your own business journey, which might lead you to success, but might also lead to ruin. The ebook works by links, so the reader doesn't have the easy option of flicking through to find out the 'correct' path, and has to follow their chosen route."