Virago scoops friendship book from Call Your Girlfriend podcasters

Virago scoops friendship book from Call Your Girlfriend podcasters

Virago has scooped a book on friendship from Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman, creators of hit podcast “Call Your Girlfriend”.

Publisher Sarah Savitt bought UK and Commonwealth rights from Siobhan O’Neill at WME on behalf of Jay Mandel and Gail Ross at Ross Yoon Agency. Virago will publish Big Friendship in summer 2020 alongside Simon & Schuster in the US.

The synopsis explains: “Since launching in 2014, the podcast has garnered hundreds of thousands of fans with its weekly dissection of politics, feminism and real life between best friends Sow and Friedman, who have since taken ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ on live tours. The book will reveal the real story of their decade-long friendship, tackling the impacts of work – for which they developed and coined Shine Theory – long-distance, race and illness, even delving into the pair’s decision to get counselling to repair their friendship during hard times.”

Senior commissioning editor Rose Tomaszewska said: “For years I’ve wondered why friendship isn’t studied or researched in the same way as romantic relationships, given how extensively it affects our lives and happiness. Finally, Aminatou and Ann have written the book that we need, using their own story – with courageous honesty – to explore the profound meaning of friendship and how to cherish it.”

The writers added: “We have been friends for more than ten years, and our friendship, like most, is a complex one. It has had moments of charmed bliss and deep frustration, of profound connection and gut-wrenching alienation. We’ve been, at various points, inseparable companions, long-distance support providers, work wives (who host a popular podcast together), estranged relatives, next-of-kin, and everything in between. There’s not a widely accepted term for the kind of friendship we have. So we came up with Big Friendship.

“This book is both a memoir of our first decade of friendship and a broader exploration of the ways platonic bonds are formed, challenged, and preserved. It’s also a little bit of a manifesto: we hope that everyone who reads it will feel inspired to invest in their own Big Friendships, and appreciate them as one of the most fulfilling relationships a human life can contain.”