Vintage launches digital campaign for debut

Vintage Publishing's Harvill Secker is launching a digital marketing campaign for one of its autumn debuts, The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, teaming up with Failbetter Games.

The campaign will run from 1st September to 31st October, and will be fully interactive and free. Readers logging on will create their own "diary page", each with its own url. On each page they can store momentoes and tales collected through attending five online "performances" when new content will be released for users to collect. The more engaged a user is, the more content they will be allowed to access, and they will be able to share their diary pages through Facebook and Twitter.

The game will include additional text and illustrations created by Morgenstern, plus text from the novel.

The book focuses on passionate fans of the magical Night Circus, called reveurs, as they follow its every move as it travels round the globe. It is released on 15th September.

Random House digital editor Dan Franklin said: "I'm very pleased that we have forged this alliance with Failbetter Games. It's important that the bookworld engages with other innovators in the digital space and I couldn't think of a better union for Erin's brilliant book."

Editor Rebecca Carter said: "This project does two things that are very important to us: it spreads the word about Erin's exceptional debut in an innovative way, hopefully reaching out also to readers who are not habitual browsers of bricks-and-mortar bookshops; and it explores new, non-linear ways of telling stories."