Vintage unveils new Minis series with Atwood and Faulks

Vintage unveils new Minis series with Atwood and Faulks

Vintage has added 10 new titles to its Vintage Minis series with a line-up including Margaret Atwood’s Freedom, Yuval Noah Harari’s Money and War by Sebastian Faulks. 

Writing on the topics that "make us human", the series aims to re-introduce backlist authors whom it deems to be among "the world's greatest" to a new audience.

The titles explore "the whole spectrum of life – from birth to death, and everything in between" in a miniature £3.50 paperback package, designed with "time-poor" readers in mind. It launched in 2017 with 20 titles including Desire by Haruki Murakami, Eating by Nigella Lawson and Race by Toni Morrison, with each book using previously-published material by contemporary and classic writers from Vintage's backlist.


The series continues now with Margaret Atwood on Freedom, which showcases extracts from The Handmaid's Tale. Other titles in the new tranche are: Friendship by Rose Tremain; Money by Yuval Noah Harari; Austerity by Yanis Varoufakis; Injustice by Richard Wright; War by Sebastian Faulks; Rave by Irvine Welsh; Dreams by Sigmund Freud; and Ghosts by M R James. 

The 10 new titles publish in April 2018, priced £3.50 each in A-format paperback. Vintage will be partnering with Foyles around the publication, with a window specially-curated by Vintage creative director Suzanne Dean and her design team.

The series has sold almost 200,000 copies to date, according to Vintage - half of which have been derived from international sales. 


Victoria Murray-Browne, senior editor at Vintage, said the team "fully expects 2018’s Minis to dazzle just as brightly as their older siblings".

“It’s been thrilling to see them displayed creatively in bookshops, shared via social media and most importantly adorning readers’ shelves,” she said. “The aim was to open up the Vintage catalogue and make our brilliant books and authors accessible to even more readers, and with nearly 200,000 copies sold it really feels like we’re succeeding in this. Their success in international markets, which account for half the sales, is especially pleasing.”

She added: “We’re launching a further ten this year with a line-up including Margaret Atwood’s Freedom, Yuval Noah Harari’s Money and War by Sebastian Faulks so once again we’ll see our greatest writers tackling life’s biggest subjects in stylish miniature form.”