Vintage celebrates 25 years

Vintage celebrates 25 years

Vintage celebrated its 25th birthday last night (2nd December) at the 20th Century Theatre in London in the company of its authors and agents, including Julian Barnes and Nigella Lawson.

Richard Cable, m.d of Vintage Publishing, said the celebrations were "so much more than 25 years of a paperback list".

"It seems to be the one constant is great people," he said. "First and foremost this is a celebration of our writers. We are nothing without you, our authors, and your books."

Julian Barnes, Adam Thirlwell, Rachel Cooke, Rosemary Davidson, Robin Robertson and Deborah Moggach were among the guests celebrating.

Singling out Rachel Cugnoni, publishing director for Vintage, he said: "It is testimony to her, that one cannot think about Vintage without thinking about Rachel. She is the embodiment of all that is truly great about the list."

Cugnoni spoke of her "omnivorous" taste in books becoming "more literary" over time. She said: "I realised the books I loved the most were the ones that engaged my head and my heart."

Nigella Lawson and Rachel Cugnoni spoke at the event.

Nigella Lawson, an author with Vintage since How to Eat was published in 1998, spoke in praise of the relationship between authors and editors at Vintage which she said was "so important".

Her speech was followed by video addresses from high profile authors such as Salman Rushdie and Garth Risk Hallberg, wishing Vintage a "happy birthday".

Tom McCarthy, Suzanne Dean, Chloe Aridjis, Adam Thirlwell, Neel Mukherjee enjoy the party.