Viking snaps up Menon's 'stunning' debut

Viking snaps up Menon's 'stunning' debut

Viking will publish Catherine Menon's debut novel, Fragile Monsters, in spring 2021. 

Mary Mount bought UK and Commonwealth rights, including ebook, audio and serial from Zoe Waldie at RCW in a pre-empt.

Set in Malaysia during the 1940s and in the present day, Fragile Monsters is the story of what happens to us all when loss is unacknowledged, how the secrets of one generation become the traumas of the next and is loosely based on stories Menon's father told her, said Viking. 

Mount said: "Reading this novel was an exhilarating feeling – it was that rare experience where you feel you are discovering a future classic. The writing is spellbinding and the setting and narrative just incredibly evoked. I’m thrilled we will be launching this novel into the world."

Menon added: said: "Penguin were my dream publisher from the moment I started writing this novel. The news that they have bought it is still sinking in and I couldn’t be more delighted. I’m so looking forward to working with them."