Verso scoops Hval's 'feminist experimental horror'

Verso scoops Hval's 'feminist experimental horror'

Verso is to publish Norwegian writer and musician Jenny Hval's latest novel, Girls Against God.

Fiction editor Cian McCourt acquired world English rights from Henrik Francke at the Oslo Literary Agency. The novel will be translated into English by Charlotte Barslund. 

Set in a devout Christian town in Norway, the novel follows a teenager who becomes involved in the black metal music scene. The synopsis describes the book as "a radical fusion of feminist thought and experimental horror, and a unique treatise on magic, writing and art."

Hval's debut novel, Paradise Rot, was released in 2018 by Verso. Last year, the publisher announced its new imprint focused on bold "politically astute" fiction, with Hval on its wish-list of authors to publish "for a long time to come".

 Girls Against God will be released in paperback on 20th October.